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Manhattan ExpressI think photo sharing is one of the coolest things on the internet.

In case you want to look at pictures of really cool theme park rides, try visiting and search for images of theme park rides. You may even want to narrow your search to a particular roller coaster and you'll find many more images. You'll find many images of theme park rides (over 5,500) and roller coasters (104,000+) of every size.

Another place to find pictures of roller coasters is on Simply search for "roller coaster" and you'll find thousands of images of roller coasters from around the world.

Besides the many still photographs of roller coasters to be found on the Internet, a more recent development is the explosion of roller coaster videos available. There are thousands of roller coaster videos uploaded by enthusiasts for you to enjoy.

Following are a selection of still photographs from my roller coaster experiences...

Paramount's Kings Island

King Cobra


Geauga Lake Amusement Park

Big Dipper

Double Loop

Six Flags Kentucky Kingdom


Cedar Point



Magnum XL-200


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